Everyday Worry

I want to be able to write without feeling the need to censor myself about subject matter because I worry what people may or may not  find interesting. I don’t consider myself a particularly interesting person. Never mind the fact  that I am single and haven’t found myself exempt from many characteristics of my generation. I usually begin my conversations by citing I work in a restaurant, my love of craft beer, my passion for writing, and the fact I have two cats. That hardly makes me the most interesting person in the world.

Being stuck at home since the beginning of February has probably made me the most boring person in the world. I’ve been on leave from work since I broke my ankle. I am hopeful to be back at work by April. But since I’ve been exiled for society with this ankle, I’ve had too much time on my hands where I find myself thinking and endlessly worrying.

My biggest, probably pure nonsense concern is wondering  when I am going to be walking again so I can get back to work without issue. I know I’ll be wearing ankle braces for awhile but I want to walk normally without a limp or be able to work on my feet for eight hours at a time again like I used too. It’s frustrating. Only yesterday was I able to stand on my own two feet for the first time since breaking my ankle but I still have yet to take those first baby steps. I have a orthopedic appointment Monday so hopefully I can start  walking then.

But then, my concerns with walking connect to work. The transfer I’ve been trying to get so I can go do a different store has hit a snag and right now stuck playing another waiting game. I can’t do anything but carry on, try to get walking again, and hope they give me lots of shifts so I am working full time again. However, it may be best going slow first or second week back, then go into ass-kicking mood again. I don’t know.  I hate this uncertainty.

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