These boots were made for walking.



I felt like I had so much riding on today. For the past week, I have had so much stress and anxiety about this orthpedic appointment. I wanted to walk and get my life back on track. And finally I got some awesome news.  I am allowed  to walk again, I only have to wear an  ankle brace now, I can start driving again, and I get to go back to work on April 1st.

I’ve been building up this day for the past month. Today was supposed to make or break my entire recovery with this broken ankle.  Either I’ve done my time and I’m free or  I’m going to have to deal with it much, much longer than I thought.

I had trouble falling asleep last night.  I had bitchy resting face for a vast amount of the morning. But I finally got the news that I’ve yearning for since I broke my ankle.  I’m allowed to start walking again and driving. I still have a week off before I am allowed to go back to work and I hope to use it get my stride back. But just getting the news I am allowed to walk again made my day. I even  tested my limits by driving and seeing a really good friend I haven’t seen since I broke my ankle. This just made the day all the more richer. Although I still have other things to do, like figuring  out that transfer, I’m just happy to be walking again. It was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

I can’t  remember the last time I was the happy and relieved.  I just  want this to last as long as it can.

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