Battle Plans

Worked Friday with a double and managed to still get off in time to hang out with some friends out in Virginia Beach at a local dive bar. I was good and drove back home safely. Unfortunately, I fell asleep at four and woke up at six. The best thing is I regret none of  it and I hope that I make this a regular Friday night thing, even though my regular Saturday schedule usually has me opening  the restaurant at 9 am. If it means hanging out with friends and being happy and the cost is complete exhaustion the next day, that’s why man invented caffeine.

But all and all, this week has  been sort of blah. I’m ending my second week back at the restaurant since I’ve been out with my broken ankle and I thought it would be a lot easier. I need battle plans.

In some respects, some things haven’t change. In other respects, a  bunch has changed. The biggest challenge I’ve found is that I am working with a new management team. While I was gone, they shuffled managers between different stores so now I have two brand new ones I’m working with. They both seem nice enough but working as a shift leader is frustrating because I feel like I am being  pulled in a thousand directions. They have their own agendas, and  I have my old school agenda while doing my best to meet theirs. Other issues I’ve had is that corporate is making changes to things  like staffing practices, which I was never told about or simply forgot to be told.

I’ve been frustrated.  I’ve been talking to my old managers, who after working almost four years with them I call my friends and mentors, to try and get some advice on how to handle the situation and I just need to be up front about asking their expectations and keep my nose to the grindstone.

These things have made my frustrations only worse because with each day, that transfer to another store I was trying to arrange to another store when I was out with my broken ankle gets farther and farther. The pressing obstacle is dealing with the challenges of working with a new management team (which is one of those universal, life lesson problems everyone faces with a new place of work). I think, after this month settles down, I am going to approach the topic of transferring anew and/or next time I see my district director, put my foot in the door and let him know I wanted to go into a salaried management position or at least making the steps towards that happening, including transferring to a new store if possible.

I miss how things were before I broke my ankle and I think I’m more  caught in the air of nostalgia and frustrated than to focus on the present. Just because dealing with the present seems so unattainable right now.

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