Gaining Momentum

Briefly messed up part of my foot by overextending it because I’m back to walking with the ever slightest limp now. I might manage a jog, be it painful, but I still can’t manage a full run. I don’t know if it’s from lack of physical therapy or the plate and screws in my fibula. I’ve read and heard different things like it’s going  to be many months before I am ever back to normal. The limited mobility in my right ankle I’ve sort of accepted as it’s become almost second nature, like the crutches were after two months. But I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can work a full shift without being doubled over in pain, but I still wear the ankle brace. I guess I’ll take improvement where I can find it.

Work wise, it’s gotten a bit easier dealing with the new regime. The new assistant manager seems like a really cool guy and started as a shift leader like myself and moved up the ranks via back of house. I’m still friends with my old assistant manager, who too moved up the ranks but through front of the house. Maybe I should treat working with the new  regime as a stepping block. The GM leaves something to be desired but through the new assistant manager, I’ve been able to voice my frustrations and desires to get promoted and even to vent about not getting transferred.  I think, given time, I might have an ally to aid in my quest to get transferred later this year and grow my career with the company.

And Mother’s Day is Sunday.  Everyone’s working and probably all pandemonium is going to break loose since it’s normally one of the bigger holidays. I have no money and probably might end up doing a card or something for my mom. Even then, the toughest part for me is working up the  courage to drop by her apartment Saturday night after I get off. It should be so simple but I fear I’m making it out worse than it will actually be.

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