I remember recalling the concept of being an adult as a child. You buy a house, you work, you pay bills, and life is good.The abstract concept of bills is just an unspoken lump sum that goes to unknown faces and still leaves conceptual adult you with plenty of money left over to do whatever you please. There should be no worries about impending disasters or misfortunes. Paying taxesmand the mundane constantices should be mandatory education. But that never happens.

I graduated in 2009, when I was 21, I tried to imagine where I would be at 27. Granted,I thought I would be in a Ph D progrsm or living on my own working a full time technical writing job, everything coming easy as pie. But not that those things came to pass. I work at a restaurant fullmtime trying to make a career out of something that was originally part-time and temporary. I still live with my dad when I hoped tomat least be living with a roommate. Nothing came with an instruction manuel and all the curve balls I’ve been thrown since last September have only complicated things. It is always something in the game called life. That sounds so cliché. I guess the trick is learning to deal with it.

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