Deja vu, sort of

My birthday is next Thursday. I’ll be 27. It really isn’t hitting me yet. I’ve only found one grey hair so far and that was three years ago during a hurricane. Still, each year, I get older but I don’t feel it.

But one thing has been different. I’ve been in a good mood these past couple of weeks. I know that seems minor but I’ve found myself in a sort of gloomy funk for most of this summer that I haven’t been able to shake until recently. Granted, this entire year has sort of been nothing but bad luck for me but I’ve been in a fantastic mood since last week. Maybe because my birthday is next week or because I feel like I have something going for me, specifically, I’m making it known to my district manager I want to go into management. I haven’t heard anything yet but that simple action made me feel…hopeful and happy for my future.

And next week, with my actual birthday, I took off that Thursday and the weekend. I am planning to go out with one of my best friends on my birthday and the weekend is yet to be decided.

I’ll stick with being happy for awhile.

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