Change in the Future

So Saturday night, I found out corporate was shutting down the restaurant I was working at for good. I spent a vast majority of the rest of my Saturday night getting pretty drunk. Sunday morning the big wigs were in town and had a meeting with the rest of the employees. Everyone was offered the chance to transfer or take a severance package. I took the transfer.

I had talked about trasnferring to a different store back in March when my ankle was broken. I was trying to transfer to a store out in Virginia Beach. Well, with my store closed, I finally got that transfer I wanted. They have a very busy bar business and get really busy on the weekends. The only down side is that I won’t be shift leading, if at all. My first week’s schedule consists of one hosting shift, two bar shifts, and two serving shifts. It’s not much but it is a start. I’ve started asking around to other stores to see if I can shift lead somewhere but nothing yet. But the district I am now in seems a lot better. They tend to loan people out to different stores when needed, including for shift leading. As long as I get my hours in the next week or two, I’d be a happy girl.

It’s been crazy for the past couple days. And it was uncertain and made my anxiety escalate like crazy. But I am excited at the potential the future.

One door closes, another opens.

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