Month Anniversary

Well, today marks the month milestone of getting the phone call from my former GM telling me the store I was working at called me at ten o’clock at night was closed for good. I got hammered. I didn’t sleep. I had a friend who was eight months pregnant go into labor and have her baby the next day. And then there was the last team meeting to decide all of our faiths. They offered everyone a transfer. The GM from the store out in Virginia Beach I had tried to transfer too at the beginning of the year was there. I went there.

Now it’s a month later.

It’s good to be working with my old assistant manager again. Most of the people are nice. On a majority of my bar shifts, I make good money. Serving shifts leave something to be desired. I’m not shift leading as much but towards mid December shows me shift leading a bit more. My major issue is the schedule…I know I work but I never know what I am working. I keep getting scheduled only 25-30 hours…but I pick up, or try to at least, and somehow for the past couple of weeks met my goal of 35. That’s my only real compliant is the scheduling. I just want to work full time and I will do anything…including working back of the house to do so. I’m willing to give it a bit longer before deciding my next move. Patience won me over at my last restaurant, including the faith that I was working towards something. I need to do the same here…even if just a bit longer. Just have a bit faith.

I keep telling myself this. It’s been my mantra all year. Just have a bit of faith. I’ve been trying. From my ankle, the staff of my former store being broken up, car, money issues up the ass, work issues…it’s been a really tough year. Adjusting to working out in this store in Virginia Beach isn’t what I imagined, yes I’m at the bottom of the totem pole again, but I’ve got a proven track record.

Just have a bit of faith.

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