Happy moments


I took this photo back in June at my favorite spot in Sandbridge. You may recongize the pier. It was eight o’clock in the morning, I had a good buzz going from drinking at the beach, and it became a complete moment of zen. I was happy laying in the early morning sun, listening the surf, being able to move my ankle and feeling the sand behind my toes. I was happy because things felt like they were back on track. I had a goal to work towards again. I was still healing from my broken ankle but I was still healing. And the beach. I don’t know but just sitting on the beach makes feel happy. I think back onto moments like those when I need to dig deep.

My hours are growing more…stable at the new restaurant out in Virginia Beach. I’m still not shift leading as much as I want to and I need to make a point to sit down with my GM and make my wants known. I want to shift lead and go into management.

I’m not gonna lie. Coming to the new restaurant has felt like a step backwards. I’m not serving much, maybe once a week. Almost all my shifts involve bartending unless I somehow end up shift leading. Money is not terrible but nor is it spectacular either. It’s okay.

But I want more and I want to get back onto my career goals of going into management again. I just need to think back to happy moments like that and dig deep.

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