Forcing a Change

I went to dinner out at Chic’s Beach with one of my friends from my last restaurant last night. I hadn’t seen her in a few weeks  and it was good to catch up. We talked about work, where we were in life, how her daughter was doing, and what have you. We somehow always get on the topic of how everyone that worked there was like a family. She brought a good point on now that everyone has had to work at different restaurants, we didn’t realize how comfortable we were and it’s forcing a change.

The store in Virginia Beach comes to mind instantly.

I like it there for the most part. There are it’s little ups and downs but I’m not comfortable like I was before. I am trying to drum up to my new district director and GM that I want to go into management and get noticed but I still find myself bartending for the most part. I like bartending but I feel like I am getting burned out. I am getting burned out from the same old same old and while it’s only been a month, it feels like it’s been a year.

I haven’t aggressively job searched in a long time. Not since 2010 when I first got hired with the company when I was determined to do something with my degree and after a year or two, I just settled into the rhythm of things and pushed it aside. But my friend was right, going to another restaurant forced a change.

I know I want the next step to be a career in restaurant management. It would be nice to stay with the same company that I’ve been at for almost five years now. It’s difficult because I am not technically a salaried manager, my title is just a glorified term for a shift leader/hourly manager. This will make it even harder to get my foot in the door. However, I’ve dug up my resume, tweaked my LinkedIn account, and posted my resume’ to Indeed and we’ll see what will happen in the next coming weeks.

One thing about this year has taught is that if you want something done, you have to do something to start it.

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