Landing on My Feet

I don’t think anyone read this blog avidly. Even then, I don’t blog avidly. I stll prefer a pen and notebook to the Internet. But the act of posting on the Internet itself…someone will read eventually and my authorship will live on. I even added a featured image to get noticed because people likely respond to pictures than images. And it’s coded…kinda of. Landing of my own two feet. In my black Converses. Blame my two attempts from grad school.

Work. I realize I haven’t written since January. Two months roughly. ¬†Give or take. What have I been up to?

I haven’t quit. Yet. Every month I debate myself if it is time to quit and find a new change of career paths. I’ll be 28 this year (and I always say that when asked my age) and I still don’t have a goal to work towards aside from retiring at some odd age and have a kid. Preferably a daughter. Yeah. I am a future cat lady in the making. But we a new GM arriving in the next week and we’ll see where that goes. I have been assured that I will be fine but this will be my fourth GM in less than 18 months.

Work is one thing and life is another. I met a guy New Years eve and we’re still talking and in that awkward stage. We’re supposed to have a double date tonight. However, it is weird because I went out Wednesday night and last night with my best friends, I had so many older many men hitting on me. My friend joked at least I am getting noticed. Yeah, by creepy people I want nothing to do with. But I am still talking to New Year’s Eve guy after four outings: progress.

Other than that and stressing about work, I have no life. I will land on my own two feet. Eventually.

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