Happy One Year Anniversary, WordPress Place

tumblr_inline_nkjucwFxlf1r85tr4Thank you, Tumblr for that image. Although I am not a big wine drinker, I do have cats and I do drink so, a winning duo. Anyways, I started this entry with the intention of ranting about life at the current moment. But a little notification told me it has been a year since I started writing in the little hole on the Internet.

This was (is) an experiment. I still don’t know what I hope to accomplish with this blog other than writing and venting from time to time. When I started writing this blog, I had a broken ankle and was facing coming back to work with a new management time at the restaurant I work at. Now, the lease went up in November on my store, I got transferred to a new restaurant that same month, and now I am facing the same situation all over again with a new management team, minus the broken ankle part. Irony.

And once more, I find myself uncertain of my path. I am 27 and have no clue where my life is going. Work is my fixed uncertainty. At first, I was supposed to be just getting a new GM and now, my director has also decided to give us a new assistant manager too. Still unhappy about that but who am I to argue? Shit. I need to figure something out than just facing the ideal of coming home and drinking with my cats for the next ten years.

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