Overdue zen session.


Found my way down to the Oceanfront the other day to hang out the guy I met back on New Year’s Eve. Not in the friend zone but we aren’t dating either. I guess that’s okay.

But it did me good being down by the beach again. I had my longboard in the back of my car and after we hung out so I parked my car along 17th street and went up and around the Oceanfront for a bit around sunset. I haven’t actually longboarded for extended periods of time since my ankle, and as sore as it was, it was a much overdue zen session.

Lately, it’s just been constantly questioning everything. Not that I hate my life or anything but like I wonder. I question. I debate. But I won’t actually do anything in the end. Like I fantasize getting my passport and just going to London and never coming back. Things like those. Maybe I do need to shake things up. I don’t know. There’s just been too much to think about lately.

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