I write simply because I can. I do occasionally look at the stats for this blog and really never see much of anything. But I write because I can. And it becomes a form of public venting. Without further adieu.

My anxiety. I feel like it is becoming worse over the past few months. Some days, I don’t want to even get out of bed until I have to get ready for work. I’ll just lay there, reading or watching Netflix on my computer. Then there is the trouble sleeping. Past three nights, I have woken up anywhere between two and four and stayed awake until the next night because of anxiety. It’s not usually something specific but a combination of things. And then there the the pangs of regret over simple decisions long after they are made.

I take wellbutrin. I am trying really, really hard to cut back on my drinking (which is very hard). I am trying to find my motivation to get myself back into a routine from going to the gym certain days or just getting out of bed and being productive before I go to work. I just can’t remember a point in my life where my anxiety took so much control over it.

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