Beach Days Ahead

I took this last Thursday. I found myself down at 40th St by the oceanfront across from the old Caviler Hotel. I didn’t go into the water. It was too cold. But I did spend five hours laying out in the sun, drinking beer, and chatting with a guy I am interested in. And I got a really bad case of sunburn.

Sunburn aside, I love the beach. And since I drive ever day out to Virginia Beach for work, what’s the difference of going out there on my days off for a beach day?

I hate going to the oceanfront though. I adore going to Sandbridge, and not just because the parking situation is so much better. In addition to doing more beach days this summer, I want to further another hobby: bodyboarding. I’ve never really been really serious about it but I’ve enjoyed it from time to time over the years. But last Saturday, after a long day at work and drinking quite a few rum and cokes, I went online and bought some stuff. When I drink, I don’t drunk dial, I drunk buy. I bought a new bodyboard (something that won’t break my budget and let me get back into it) and a pair of fins to go with it all under a $100. (See here and here).

Although it isn’t a wave paradise, Sandbridge is a nice little gateaway close to home and will let me get into a new summer hobby without breaking my meager budget. And another little thing I want to try to taking picture when I am out and about in the ocean. The only problem is that I don’t have the money to afford one of those little GoPros I see everywhere. I am saving towards a new harddrive for my Xbox One in September and I want to get myself a new tv for my bedroom in December. And I am not keen on taking my Galaxy S5 out into the surf. So I found this.

Who remembers disposable cameras? 35mm film? Taking the film to the drugstore to get developed? Oh yes. Bring back the late 1990s and very early 2000s. I am surprised these things are still around but what about the idea documenting this summers beach days in analog film with point and click? I can’t edit or see the actual image. It’s luck of the draw. And I still think I can’t get an extra copy on a CD so I can have them digital too (shows how long it’s been). But I think it would be an interesting little summer artsy project.

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