Insomnia Ramblings

I can’t sleep. So I am up, windows up because fall is in the air, music playing, one of my cats sleeping on my bed, and I am sitting at my desk, writing on my computer and surfing the Internet.

I haven’t done this in forever.

Except this usually results in nights that I have trouble sleeping when I have a lot on my mind.

Going to the beach earlier yesterday was a good call. I didn’t get much in as the waves were rough and I am an amateur at best, but the beach has been my zen all summer. I even managed to buy a wet suit so I can keep going as the months get cooler. But past few days between work and personal stuff, I have a lot on my mind.

I turned 28 a few weeks ago, September 4th to be exact. I always thought it should be considered a national holiday, at least in my eyes. But that day, that one particular day is one where I try to feel good, confident, and bad ass no matter what because that is my day. It started off good, I spent some time out with my favorite friends in Virginia Beach, had the weekened off, spent time with my mom, and dinner with my dad. The important thing is I spent time with the people I actually care about and didn’t go too crazy. I just wished I could have done more.

But now, I am 28. I am 28, with three gray hairs, living with my dad, and trying to start a life still. I had a plan at the beginning of 2014 before I broke my ankle, incurred more medical bills, quit grad school, and occurred 3,000 dollars of debt to keep my car running. But I seriously need to get it together. My credit card debit is the thing keeping me at home. What I spend on those is equivalent to rent with a roommate. I need to get my finances straight, start saving again, and move out by the end of next year. And make more noise about being promoted at work so I can figure out what to do.

Ok. Good conversation. Thanks for listening.

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