Moments of Realization

I have a couple of random things scattered about my mind.

First, I went out this morning and tried to bodyboard. I know I am not that great. I am an amateur at best. Someone left a pissy little comment on one my videos on YouTube. News flash: I know I suck. I just like posting things for my own benefit. Sorry you wasted your four minutes. That being said, I did go out this morning and found myself caught in a rip tide that scared the crap out of me. For the briefest of moments, I seriously thought I was going to die by drowning in the Atlantic. Fortunately for me, that did not happen. It won’t deter me from going out again. But all this, including the comment I just saw, I know I suck. I am brand new at this. It’s for me, not you. Piss off. I wanna try and go out Thursday morning again.

Secondly, I know what NaNoWriMo is. National Novel Writing Month. I am aware of it. I have been since 2006. Have I ever particpated in it? No. Have I ever thought about it? Yes. Know what?


I am going to do it. I am going to write a novel. A novel of something but I will write a novel. I don’t care what other people say.

Lately, I have been tired of being put down. I just saw that comment on YouTube. I am tired of feeling like I am being taken advantage at work. I am sick of feeling like everything I do is worthless and stupid. I know I am not awesome or cool. I never was. I will work my ass into the ground trying to get the smallest thing accomplished. Doing NaNoWriMo will be good for me, even if I don’t finish it.

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