Serious Note: Life Changes

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning to check on my antidepressants and ritalin. They did the customary weigh in and checking of the blood pressure. Good news: my blood pressure is fine. Bad news: new low with my weight, I am the heaviest I have ever been. I would rather not say my weight just because I am self conscious about it but to quote Monty Python, I have “huge tracts of land!”

This bothers me. I know my weight gain is in part due to my drinking habits. The doctor threw out another word: pancreatatis. (I complained of having random pains in my abdomen past few weeks). Although it is not confirmed, when of the chief causes is heavy drinking over long periods of time. Mind you, it hasn’t been that long for me (a few months at most). This scares me even more.

As I write for NaNoWriMo, November is slowly becoming the month where I do things for me. I am determined to write this novel that may or not be finished. I constantly check the surf forecasts so I can go out again and bodyboard despite the last experience. Today is no different. It is a wake up call. I am 28 and I still have time. I always have time. My weight issue is going make me kick my ass to the gym even more and watch my diet so I can get to my skinny of 160 and bodyboard regularly. I don’t want to get (or if I do, lessen) the effects of pancreatitis. I need to get my drinking under control. I don’t want to give it up entirely but if I can get to the point where I drink socially, I would consider that a milestone.

I need to make a change. November is the month to do it.

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