End of November

November. It’s a mass of rambling ahead. Brace yourself.

NaNoWriMo was a personal success but I didn’t even finish the actual goal. I managed to keep writing. Trying to go to the beach on Tuesday morning; I got all my winter gear finally. I wanna buy something for Black Friday and a part of me is leaning for a cheap TV or a cheap board to add to my quiver for winter. I remain undecided. But Thanksgiving has come and gone. Let’s pause for a moment.

Thanksgiving. I managed to get off with the new store. I enjoyed my time with family. But how come I feel so low? I don’t know. I will say this. The one thing I am truly thankful for is the people in my life. My family is dysfunctional but family is family, I love them all. But my friends and their families, there’s the real gold in my life. I love my friends and I would do anything for any one of them. I am truly blessed with that.

Started at the new store yesterday and I am there through January 5th. It isn’t as bad as I thought it would be but there’s still an adjustment, especially with the closing hours. More on this later.

I don’t know. I am tired and my mind is a jumbled mess. I wanted to go out bodyboarding tomorrow but I’ll likely go Tuesday. I also need to make a regular habit of going to the gym now since I am pretty much a vampire again with my work schedule (all nights mainly) with the new store. I don’t know. I am tired. I am debating in between saving money and buying a cheap bodyboard with Black Friday sales for my winter quiver.

Life is hard.

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