Early Morning Rambles

It’s about 7 am local time and I’ve woken up too early.

I finally have a day off with plans to head to Sandbridge later today as the tide drops towards midday. Surfline is promising a decent day and I want to try and go out at least once more before the water temperature drops too low. Or go a step further post holidays and consider even looking into a 5/4/3mm wetsuit…we’ll see. Regardless, let’s get past the first goal of just going out.

But I just realized I got to watch the sunrise this morning, which is always a plus. Doesn’t help that I am still exhausted, mentally and physically.

Work at the temporary store isn’t all that bad but it sure ain’t easy either. What gets me is the hours. This store closes an hour later  than my home store so I won’t be getting all said and done usually till 12:3oam. And the shifts aren’t short either. This past Wednesday I worked almost 11 hours from two in the afternoon until almost 1 am. Another issue is working with a cook again I first met three years ago when I started shift leading. We were constantly bumping heads and he was pushing my buttons every time he got the chance, and some things it seems are in capable of changing. So this has been a real test of patience and resolve but it got to the point last night where I was calling an old manager of mine asking for advice. Need to figure something there.

For today though, I am not going to let work bother me. I will deal with it when I have work tomorrow. Today’s goals: bodyboarding, laundry, and any odd errand or task that needs to be done. And give myself a mental recharge.


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