Zen (and More Ramblings)

I took the mini knockoff GoPro out with me this afternoon but I can’t find it now. Eventually when I do, I hope to to get some nice screen captures and maybe edit a mini video.

In the meantime however, I had my second outing with wearing a wetsuit with the addition of booties and gloves too this time. And the good news, I did not drown this time but I still felt a constant fear with going out too far. Where I go, there’s a pier nearby that I use to gauge how far out I am. I was maybe three quarters of the way out at most. But unfortunately the waves weren’t amazing but I still had a good time. Each session I learn something new, like I may need to get a bigger fin size when I wear my booties because towards the end it felt like the circulation was being cut off on my feet. But I was warm, managed not to drawn, and actually caught a couple of good waves despite the change in forecast.  I just need to find the little camera so I can play with the video and get a few good screen grabs.

Despite enjoying everything today, it was yet another reminder of I need to get my stuff together, get to the gym, and get back into relative shape. Right now, I am at the heaviest I have ever been. I won’t say numbers but while people say I don’t look it, I feel it and I see it affecting my every day. My personal skinny is 160, which is what I was in high school. I was never skinny. There is was a reason why my nickname growing up was Moose for a reason. I have to open and pull a 10 hour day tomorrow, but Sunday I close. I have time to go to the gym. And do my laundry, which I should have done today. But will do tomorrow.

I actually read an article that suggested the way to get into the gym New Year’s Revolution mindset is to start now. At one point, last year, back in October 2014, I actually had a routine down, I lost a few pounds, I was drinking less, and sleeping better. So, I really need a good kick in the ass to get back into it. I am 28. Probably the worst shape ever. I am not getting younger. I am already a part of a gym with an awesome low fee and atmosphere. Why can’t I go there regularly? Sunday. Sunday I will write something to ensure I give myself a good kick in the ass. I love bodyboarding and swimming. I want to get in better shape. I need to get my shit together before moving forward in my own life.

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