Christmas 2015 and 2016 Resolutions

It’s been hot for the past few days as in it feels more like summer than winter. We’ve broken records with Christmas eve and Christmas day with the heat. So, mom and I went back down to Sandbridge this Christmas to just walk along the beach. I did not end up going out bodyboarding Christmas day as the waves were a little lack luster but I brought the better camera. I saw people going out in regular swim suits because it was so warm and then I see paddleboarders (not a lot of surfers) decked out in wetsuits, booties, and gloves. It was quite the contrasting picture. Still, I got a few good snaps and they’re up on smugmug. And the business cards I ordered came in the other day!

So with Christmas said and gone, my next day off isn’t until New Year’s eve. I am working a bunch in between then. Saturday was crazy. Sunday was stupid. I close the next three nights (which always seem easier then opening). But despite it all, I am glad to be back still.

The New Year is less than a week away and it’s about time to get on those New Year’s resolutions. The most obvious will be going to the gym more for a few reasons from losing the weight I have gained over the past three years to getting more stamina for bodyboarding. I just want to lose 20 pounds to begin with and then get back down to my skinny, which is 160. I’ll measure my weight loss in clothing sizes rather than weight. However, the biggest problem with that one is getting the will power to do it and building a routine around it. That will be the biggest challenge. That’s actually two resolutions in one now that I think about it.

After that, it’s just trying to better myself. I gave up on having a boyfriend and doing all those things that is expected. Those will happen when they do. I just need to get my shit together. Second on the list, after getting my self together, is moving out to Virginia Beach at some point in 2016. I have one of my friends strong in my corner  determined to help me regardless and this makes me feel eternally gratefully.

Third, career. This is a double sided as well. As my recent post have shown, I created a little a side venture with photography. Here. I had business cards made citing I do freelance photography and writing that I can give out in person. I want to see this succeed. In addition, I want to finally be promoted this year with the restaurant. I don’t know how or when, but I am determined.

And in a sub category, miscellaneous. Continue with bodyboarding, writing, and just be happier in general. Dating, boyfriend, and adulting will eventually follow.

I need to do another post about what I am thankful for in 2015. But time to try and dig for the motivation to go to the gym.

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