New Year’s Resolutions Thus Far

I keep changing and adding things to what I want to make with 2016. Here’s a rundown so far.

  • Get In Shape. It’s seem cliche’ doesn’t it? Well, I’ve gained a whole bunch of weight last year that I want to lose. I always want to find another outlet for my stress and anxiety rather than drinking. I want to be able to bodyboard longer than 30 minutes when wearing a wetsuit, fins, gloves, booties…the list goes on. And I’ll be 29 in September. I’m not getting any younger.
  • Moving Out and Financial Stability. I promised myself it was only temporary when I moved back home in 2010 after a failed attempt at grad school at JMU. Well, it’s six years later and I am still at home. I need to get my money and expenditures together to get better at this thing called adulting. I want to move out to Virginia Beach and be a grown up, but it’s gonna take money to do so.
  • Second Job: Freelance Writer and Artist.
    • Grow and develop a brand with freelance photography and start selling my prints.
    • Start writing freelance and doing something that I love (writing!)
    • Finding a niche with freelance writing like starting a second blog specifically for that purpose and submitting my stuff to publications.
    • Learn HTML 5 (finally!!!) so I update my skills and credentials.

The first two focus on me as an individual and the last one focuses on something near and dear to my heart that I first imagined when I was still college and about to graduate in 2009. I am still not giving up having a career in restaurant management but I also want to do something that makes me feel happy and puts my degree in English to use. The American Dream isn’t dead to me. I, as a millennial, just need to figure out how to make it work in this economy and digital age and also use the cards dealt to me.

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