Meet the Bull


That there is the Bull, or more specifically a Custom X PE Bull 42.25″ Bodyboard. But I have decided to name it the Bull. I purchased it recently because of my weight. My last session in December was a little different from what I dealt with in the summer. I know the wetsuit was a challenge but as I said in previous posts, I’ve gained weight. There was a noticeable difference from the summer, so, on a whim, I purchased, I guess, my first real bodyboard. It wasn’t cheap and the quality shows. I am not putting in a mount for my GoPro. Yet. It’s still too pretty. And I am still trying to lose weight but I don’t want to give up what I love.

Saturday though…Surfline is calling for fair conditions and I determined to make it out before I head into work. Recently, I went through a rough patch and realized how much zen I get from going to the beach, either to watch the sunrise or bodyboard. I need it. I want to bodyboard and try the Bull out. I have a GoPro Handler. I’ll figure something out for taking pictures because no trip to the beach isn’t complete without an attempt of wave photography.

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