Boards-bodyboarding, longboarding, skateboarding

(Originally posted on my Tumblr).

I have always have a fascination with board sports. I bodyboard (granted I am a newbie at best), I own a Gravity 43″ drop kick longboard which I love to cruise on. When I was fifteen, I played too much Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 on my Play Station and dreamed of being one of those awesome skaters who could do anything.

I never successfully learned to ollie. The most I could do was go back and forth and ride a board, hence why I love my longboard.

But I am 28. I rediscovered my love for boydboarding last summer, I want to learn to surf this summer, I still cruise on my Gravity longboard to clear my mind, but tonight, on a whim (especially since I have a job and it’s my money), I purchased this. I haven’t owned a shortboard for a while. Much less, a decent quality one.

This BuzzFeed video is partially responsible.

I am going to the gym tomorrow morning, I am debating going down to the ocean Friday morning to bodyboard. My right ankle (the one I broke has been hurting lately) but I need to get myself back in shape. I have a fear of breaking another bone or fucking up my right ankle even worse but at 28, skateboarding, longboarding, bodyboarding…these sports has always brought me joy. And zen.

Who knows. Maybe at 28 I might actually learn to ollie with the six screws in my right ankle giving extra power.

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