Summer Planning

Today would have been a perfect beach day, minus the surf. I got caught up in doing some errands with my dad this morning and by the time I was done, it was noon. To drive out to the beach, having to get everything together…the exercise would have been futile. But the weather forecast looks promising for next Thursday, my next day off, along with some promising waves from the last time I looked at Surfline’s forecast.

But I did things around town, closer to home in Chesapeake, instead.

Let’s start with skateboarding.

I am still in pursuit of mastering that elusive ollie.  I can roll around but that’s about it. Shedding some weight can certainly help. But I ride it when I can. I keep it in the back of my Chevy Spark and ride it sometimes around the parking lot after getting off work. It’s pretty much the same as riding my longboard but easier to tic-tac. And the center of balance is like night and day. I mean, I still suck, but I have fun. One day, I’ll land an ollie when I’m not falling on my ass, or shoulders. But the city has a skatepark, which, as a resident, costs me $25 dollars for a pass annually. I caved and bought one. It’s easier as an adult when it’s your own money and not fourteen begging for your parents’ money. But yeah. I caved. I figure, tomorrow, I go right when it opens and just try rolling around ramps and all that when there is no one there, complete with earbuds so I don’t feel so insecure. Maybe I can try my hand at dropping in on a quarter pipe and hopefully not fall too badly. I also figure, it’ll be something to do, closer to home, on my days off  or when I have time before going into work, so I can get my board fix and get exercise at the same time.

Then, after getting the skating pass taking care of, I discovered some local batting cages after a post via Facebook.

Softball was one of the few sports I was good at as a kid. I was decent when I was batting at the plate. I played third base, right field, centerfield, or occasionally short stop because I had a decent arm. I still think I have a decent throw. But I haven’t batted since I was fifteen. But I found this really cheap indoor batting cage today. I hit almost every one. Granted, if I had actually been playing, they would’ve been consider fouls. But I still got it.

I spent 40 minutes in the indoor batting cage with no air condition. I was the only one there. I chatted while I took my time. My stance and form is still the same from when I was fourteen. Some things don’t change. Some things do. I’m feeling it right now (need to get back in shape). But I was happy. I genuinely was happy. Now, I remember another reason I started watching and following baseball this summer (go Nats and Orioles).

This summer is starting to shape up nicely. Bodyboarding is a given. But trying to rediscover my love for skateboarding and just going to the batting cages is a start. And I’ll keep writing. That’s a given. These past few months have been rough and I keep telling myself I am going to get it together. Just trying to find new sources of inspiration.

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