Foot and Ankle

It’s been over two years since I broke my ankle. I still have the six screws in my fibula. I believe I’ve recovered enough where I don’t walk with a limp and I can manage a decent jog. But it hurts. Sometimes it’s weather, I bump my ankle against a keg at work, or I over exert it. I also get pains in my heel and achilles (left foot) and my plantar fasciitis (both feet), and my right ankle all over.

I guess I am old. And I am fat, which doesn’t help. I know I need to lose weight.

When I got back into bodyboarding last summer, it wasn’t as bad. It was mainly my right ankle that suffered with the range of movement and dealing with wearing my fins. But it would quickly recover. But since I have gotten back into skateboarding, it is tough. I know how to ride the board, although it has been a learning adjustment with the shorter board. The three things I am focusing on learning now is: 1.) ollie 2.) dropping in on a vert ramp and 3.) a basic shuv it. I ride regular. I rely on my shitty right ankle to power through the pop and control everything else. It’s gotten me through riding my Gravity longboard but now that I am trying to ride a regular skateboard, oh, there’s a challenge.

I dug out my ankle brace I wore for my right ankle right after I started walking again. And the ankle sleeve I wear when my ankle gets swollen too badly. I like to practice at home at 1 am in the morning when no one is watching. I feel less insecure. I might have to invest in knee pads though. And wear my ankle braces almost every time.

Pursuit of happiness go. Don’t get discouraged. Just need to make sure I wear my ankle brace. And not break anymore bones.

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