Beach Days

Virginia is starting to feel like Seattle with all this rain and overcast skies. The few nice days we have or the very few ones with waves, I have to work. It’s been a little frustrating not being able to get back out in the surf. (I haven’t been out since January). But I am off Monday and that is at least shaping up for a decent beach day where I can maybe just bring my fins and attempt bodysurfing in some small waves (another goal to strive for). Maybe my board even. Or just sit in the sun and actually have a real beach day. Or…or…when the surf is down, not even justifying bringing the bodyboard, just bringing my fins, and learning to bodysurf on those off, small swell days. That way, I can still get my beach days in.

Everything has just been blending together lately between the work, life, and the everyday. My life is disorganized and chaotic. I find myself relapsing with my depression and struggling to maintain a positive outlook on things.

So it’s the small things. I went to the gym the other day. I write everyday. I am eagerly awaiting the start up of Camp NaNoWriMo again for July. I skateboard where  I can. I am still no closer to landing that ollie but I find myself practicing the movements for a shuv it, even when I am just standing in line at the bank without my board. I also just skate whenever I have a moment, especially around the parking lot at work after I close for even a few minutes.

At least I have a beach day to look forward to now.

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