That’s Little Island Pier in Sandbridge. Whenever I go out, I always use that pier as a marker to figure out how far I am from the shore and to try and keep myself from going to far out. It’s my center when I go out to bodyboard.

I’ve been feeling dispersed again lately, like I am scattered over a thousand different place and unable to put myself back together again.

My work is beginning to suffer through things like missing the smaller details and them coming back on me. Same thing with things at home. I always miss the small things and/or the bigger picture. I just can’t keep focus. Everything is disordered and chaotic. Well, not really. I just can’t seem to maintain a grasp on everything and sometimes I feel like I am going a little crazy. I just need a time to step back.

I’ve been to the beach a couple of times. I still have yet to go out into the water. Part of it is I keep forgetting my board. The other part is that I have a fear of drowning. (I know it’s dumb). But ever since last October when I got caught in the rip current, it’s kind of scared me and I have had trouble getting over that fear again. But I still watch the surf forecasts. Hopefully I’ll work up over the fear soon. Monday, I’m off, they’re predicting very, very tiny waves, decent conditions…maybe I can use this as an excuse to get over my fear, even if it is riding the whitewater.

But July is almost here. One thing that I am definitely looking forward too is the July session of Camp NaNoWriMo. April’s session brought me so much joy and a sense of accomplishment because I actually finished it. So I am attempting it again with a novella focusing on one of my other characters I introduced in the novella I wrote for April’s session. And my grand hope, giving me another project to work on with center me like the pier does when I go out bodyboarding.

Come on, July. Let’s get our zen on.

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