Cape Point

The shot above I took of the Diamond Shoals from the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse with my phone way back in May. Not the best picture. But you can see the currents from the Gulf Stream and the Labrador Current collide. I’ve read about it but actually seeing it. Wow. I stood atop of the lighthouse for a good ten minutes just watching it. It was soothingly. I loved driving along NC Highway 12. I loved driving through the small communities. I stopped for lunch in Waves, NC, at a local restaurant and talked about what it took to work down there. It definitely put some food for thought in my head.

It’s time to change. Just how, I am not so sure about. That’s probably why I  was so fascinated in watching Cape Point from the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse: two currents constantly going against each other. Nature at work. Literally.

In the past week, one chapter has closed and another chapter has opened. Literally, earth shaking. I don’t have any excuses now. I need to change. The first step is getting a routine, building a budget, and sticking with both. I have even created a new Pinterest board titled Budgets just for the occassion. I’ve dabbled in the realm of truly being on my own the past few years. I have not had to really worry about utitlies and rent since I was 22 because I have lived with my dad since then and I helped out whenever he asked. The last time I truly had to worry about rent, utitlites, food, etc…I was back in grad school at JMU. Over six years ago. But shit. Life throws you some curveballs and you got to deal with them the best you can.

But I am not going to give up my writing, the beach/bodyboarding, or skateboarding. I am determined to finish my July session of Camp NaNoWriMo. But I need to figure out things fast and really stick with them this time. When two things come to a head and you’re overlooking at Cape Point.

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