Welcome to the Big 2-9.

My birthday back on September 4th. I turned 29. In the past week or so, I finally regained my health insurance, nipped my bronchitis in the the butt, cracked a rib from coughing, continue to work two jobs six days a week, trying to figure out life post dad’s death, and just get my life together in general. Working six days a week is tough. My one day off is spent doing things that I do as a normal adult, cleaning, bills, errands, etc. It really is not a day off. So I am trying to get out of work on Sunday.

September seems to be the best time for the Virginia Beach area in regards to surf, with the high point of hurricane season and all. With all the bull shit that happened this past summer, I wasn’t really able to get out in the water like I did last year. Sunday looks a bit promising; Surfline is calling for 2-3 foot waves and the weather doesn’t look half bad either. The air is going to be cooler than what it’s been but the water is warm enough I don’t need my 3/2mm wetsuit. I can throw my bodyboard in the backseat and attach the 7ft soft surf board I bought myself for my birthday and attempt to just have some fun. And try to catch a sunrise if the weather isn’t too cloudy. I really haven’t had a chance to do this all summer, I missed it on my birthday due to work and my bronchitis, but maybe I can do something about it at the tail end of this month. And maybe try and take advantage of it more in the fall since I have a 3/2mm wetsuit that actually fits properly this year. If not, just try and go out on Monday morning.

I just need a day to go to beach and just feel. And not have to worry about things for a few hours. Monday is usually my only day off during the week and I just end up adulting around the house and doing errands. The days I work, I sleep late because I don’t go to bed until the early am anywhere in between 2 and 6am because I mainly work nights now. My schedule is all messed up.

I actually have to get ready for work in my next 30 minutes. Bah. Hopefully I’ll get out to the beach in the next day or two.


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