Found Me!

So, earlier this weekend, I was home late from work one night on my laptop catching up on my emails. I was going through the email account I use for this blog and my photography store/portfolio and I happened across an email from a web site called It is a quasi blogging platform that people can write on just about anything from breaking news to lifestyle to almost anything.

Everything I see  is very similar to in spirit but specializes in blog/news articles/citizen journalism posts. But I got an email where the happened across this blog and like my style of writing and I got invited to contribute.

Am I making money off this? No. But it’s a chance to grow and be recognized as a writer, similar to an unpaid college internship. I am excited and there are no pressing deadlines either. I just need to write regularly and do it at my own pace.

I can’t be more excited for this opportunity. So yeah. Check me out. Going try to post a first blog/article soon.

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