Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane season tends to bring out the obsessive compulsive in me. I’ve always loved meterology and it found it to be fascinating. But when I moved to this area when I was eight years old, hurricane season became a new thing. Every June 1st until November 1st. September and October, especially September, is the peak of the season.

So, there is the thing of Hurricane Matthew. I’ve read articles that is it one of most powerful hurricanes in the Atlantic and Caribbean in recent years. I have lived in this area since 1995 and my worst memory of a hurricane was Isabel in 2003. My parents didn’t let me go to school the day before and that was the one time we boarded up the the windows. I was 16. My bedroom was one of the few rooms with boards on them, it was maddening. But when Isabel was out a few days time, it was close to a category five. But it was a category one when it hit, and I was on the westward side of the eye of the storm. However, we lost power for a week, and because we had a septic tank, when I lost power, I  lost running water too. It sucked. A lot. And with my knowledge of local history, it’s been awhile since Hampton Roads has had a major hurricane.

It’s weird. I keep expecting the worst. I mean, I’ve always expected the worse, but more now so. I only say this because of how this year has gone. I was so optimistic on New Year’s 2016. But with everything…especially the past few months…I fear like I might lose everything. Just with the luck I am having.

I am trying to prepare for the hurricane. I am watching the the forecasts. I am picking up batteries and water and what not slowly. I bought some cans of spam. I just prepare and wait.

As my dad used to say, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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