Life Update: Hurricane Matthew, Writing, Bodyboarding

Matthew did a number on the area. Look at that sucker. Jerk.


That monster was supposed to go out to sea at the Carolinas lines. But it went a 100 miles northward. Closer to Hatteras. Hampton Roads got a shitload of rain, on top of some wind, and already soaked ground from the mess of rain post tropical Julia brought the area. I have never seen it flood this much in my 20 years living in this year as I have in the past few weeks. Driving home from work Saturday night, my little red Chevy should have flooded out with all that rain and driving I did through flooded areas but I was lucky. Others had it much worse. I just lost power for 48 hours (which I am working on a piece for MyTrendingStories by Monday). But I was lucky.

Writing wise, it’s been hard to find time to do the nonfiction writing. I keep promising myself to do at least one decent blog post a week or turn something out for MyTrendingStories but with work and my schedule, it’s been hard. I find a lot of my efforts channeling into working towards my prep for NaNoWriMo. I’m listed under greekowl. I really want to write this novel and make it happen. Last year, at about 5,000 words, I felt like I ran out of steam but I am outlining this thing like I used to do with my grad school papers, breaking it down into smaller pieces in connecting them. If you’re interested, head over to and look at “Moments That Shape Us” and “Recluse” in that order and disreguard the typos. Those works build up to my larger novel.

Bodyboarding wise, and beach wise, I haven’t been at all this year. Since June, I’ve been out to Sandbridge maybe five times, the last being in August and I don’t include a randome trip I made at three am to watch the waves in the moonlight after my dad died. But I haven’t been out. I work nights. I sleep a majority during the day. I miss my Atlantic sunrises. So Monday. Mondays are my days off. This Monday, Surfline is talking about a good swell that is supposed to last through the weekend  an into Tuesday.

I got a GoPro mouth mount for Ho Stevie! that I want to try out. I have that board I bought back in January, a brand new, never used Custom X bodyboard and new fins as well. I still don’t need a wetsuit. So Monday, even if I got to bed at 4 am like I usually do. I am due for an Atlantic sunrise and sunrise dawn session too. Goddamnit. I am going out Monday morning to bodyboard. I am determined.

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