Let’s Get Real About Writing For a Moment

Let’s get serious about a couple of things. I’ve been struggling to find my voice, in my writing and in life.

Writing for me has always been an outlet. That is what it started as when I was 11. And from there it just grew. Last year, I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo in April and July and wrote two novellas. I participated in NaNoWriMo, and while I did not finish the novel at the end of the month, I still continue to work on it and other side projects. I’ve even found small joy inwriting fanfic again even.

Last year, I had the fantastic notion to try and make this writing thing work. Hence, I bought the domain name and tried to make the blog thing legit. But I struggled. I found myself picked up by MyTrendingStories but only managed two measly little posts so far. I work on my novel and dabble with short stories or fanfic in the mean time. Nothing to write home about. This blog itself is full of sporadic postings about my everyday life and whatever else is on my my mind.

But let’s change a few things up. Let’s still keep the focus of this blog of musing of everyday life and then the whole writing thing, including but not limited to writing, writer’s block, editing, frustrations, success, publishing, and whatever else falls under that category.

So far, with 2017, I grew serious about getting healthy (I am very proud about the fact I managed to stick to going to the gym for a few times a week). But writing. Hm. Writing. I have gotten better about writing a bit each day, either fiction, blog, or nonfiction. But that has been the extent of it so far so I need to go another step.

With fall, I get to go back to grad school and hopefully finish my masters in English. I am going to keep at trying to get healthy and keep going to the gym, hopefully learn to bodysurf and continue bodyboarding come spring. I will continue to indulge my inner geek. And writing. I am going to take the next step with my writing, whatever that may be.

So, musing about everyday life and writing. That’s what I am going to try and cultivate my voice, via this blog, with musings about everyday and about writing and my journey with it. That’s going to be my new direction with this blog.

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