Transitionary (About Everything)

I will move. I am moving. I have moved. I moved.

I did not mean for it to be an exercise in verb usage of the English language. That’s just been my mindset for the past month and wasn’t able to relax and breathe until a few days ago. Even then, I still don’t know what to do with myself. Tomorrow will be a month officially since I have moved.

The adjustment period has not been easy.

Apartment living again. My bedroom is right above the parking lot. I am sharing the place with my mom and we’re paying everything fifty-fifty. It’s good that I am saving money. It’s good that I am reconnecting with my mother. It’s just the adjustment period is still rough. My cats have adjusted well and I still live in the same city. I am still in familiar territory but the waters ahead still seem uncharted. I had to give up a lot of stuff during the move and I also have a lot of stuff in my storage unit. Half the time, I think I lost something but low and behold, it is some random box somewhere. I rushed and waited last minute with my move. Note to self when moving: don’t wait until the last minute.

But it made me consider what was important to me at the moment in life. My Xbox for games and media, all my writings (notebooks past and present, my laptops, anything that showed inklings to the past 18 years), my favorite books and clothes, my favorite fandom items, and my handboards and skateboards.

More than anything, the move put some stuff in perspective to what I consider important now.  Writing is always number one in my life and while it has lacked the past month, I am trying. (I doubt I will finish Camp NaNoWriMo). I have written a couple of nonfiction pieces in addition to miscellaneous fiction pieces. Skating hasn’t been a lot lately but I go to the gym at least three times a week, and now that the move is done, the beach for some water time weekly at least. I am determined how to figure out body surfing and catch a barrel with Virginia’s limited surf by the end of the month by the way. Then grad school starts officially on August 28th and I am trying to brush up on literary theory and time organization as well.

Despite it all, I feel overwhelmed, under achieved, and excited all at the same time. Would that make sense?

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