Please Excuse the Technical Interruption

So, July is ending and August is coming. The end of August marks, wait for it, the third round of graduate school! Well, more like the third attempt of grad school. And hopefully, the last time unless I end up going for a Ph D or something else. Doubtful but still.

So, this blog will be morphing a bit more as I try to encompass another aspect of my life, finishing grad school successfully. I already use this place to discuss the everyday things in my life and occasionally about writing itself. But I want to extend another aspect of this blog, grad school life. I briefly, when I started my Tumblr back in 2009, used it to chronicle grad school life at JMU but pretty much it is dedicated to fandom these days, hence it’s title “Fandom and What Not.”

I still give credit to grad school making me a better writer, due to the endless books and scholarship I read and the endless things I wrote. I do feel like my writing suffered briefly while I was away because I feared I lost my one passion. But my writing’s been on a roll this past year and look at where I am heading back to in August, graduate school.

I’m going back to finish what I started in 2012 while attending part time, my masters in English at ODU. I briefly attended JMU full time without my success. I learned a lot but ultimately it was a failure. And hopefully, by the end of December 2018, I will have that coveted master of arts degree in English with a concentration in literature.

So sit and stay awhile. Or welcome. Or both. So, everyday life, writing, and now the tales of a full-time graduate student who still plans on working in restaurants and figuring out the writing career at the same time. Take your pick. But things are a changing, that’s for sure.

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