Hurricane Isabel (and Hurricanes In General)

Hurricane season has always fascinated me ever since I was a kid. I remember checking out books on hurricanes and meteorology and getting upset that my name was never used on the ongoing list to name hurricanes in the Atlantic. My name was used for a random typhoon in 1987, shortly after the month I was born. So I guess that is close.

But I live on the east coast of the United States and near the Atlantic. I moved here when I was 8 and I remember how those storms terrified me. But tracking them fascinated me. At one time, before I realized I was terrible at math and science, I wanted to be a meteorologist. The science behind it…wow. But it never stuck enough for me to pursue it professionally but that doesn’t keep me from fixating on the prime of hurricane season, which surprisingly, fall on my birthday, and mainly the months of September and October.

Coincidentally, that is the best time to catch waves in this area and I am kicking myself for having a healing knee and I can’t be out there catching some either bodysurfing or bodyboarding.

I remember names of storms, brief glimpses of memory. Nothing substantial. I only have two storms that stick out in my mind: Hurricane Isabel and Hurricane Matthew. Isabel…I was 16 and spent eight days without running power or water. Granted, nothing in contrast to those who’ve gone through Harvey and Irma but I can only imagine. I remember watching the footage of Katrina. Holy shit, Batman. I remember 2005 and 2006 seasons¬†being a lot more active than normal. At one point (maybe 2004?) they ran out of names and resorted to the Greek alphabet. Hurricane Matthew terrified me on the mere fact I had to drive back in the midst of it, even though it was only off the coast, and I have never seen flooding that bad. Ever. I also had to deal with 56 hours without power and running water on my own.

I’m digressing at this point.

But currently there at three named storms in the Atlantic; five if you count the Pacific too. I’m a strong believer in climate change but I am not here to preach about that. Hurricanes Isabel and Matthew and hurricane seasons in general make you more aware of the world you are living in. Be grateful for what you have and always keep an eye on the horizon. Especially when it comes to hurricanes.

But enough of that. I need to get back to work on grad school stuff. I stayed up too late watching the Emmys.

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