New Year. New You.

New Year. New you. Well, new me. But I say that at the start of every January. This is going to be the year. This is the year that everything will be different. I’m going to get my shit together for once. Yeah. Well, that is easier said than done. And that thing is self-discipline. Which is easier said in done.

Let me back up since it’s been almost five months(?) since a proper update. I got done with physical therapy for the knee the week right before Christmas. I still have a lot of ground to make up physically from where I was at the end of July. A lot. But the doctor I had for my knee was amazing and did a marvelous job with my hardware. I was very fortunate to have amazing physical therapy staff. But now it is back to the gym, starting from scratch all over again like I did back in October 2016. Seriously. All over again. Including losing the 7 pounds I gained. Goddamn. My goal is to be back out in the water in late May or early June, bodyboarding or bodysurfing. But I have a long way before I get there.

Secondly, school. I completed my first semester back at graduate school successfully. Grades were pretty good. Coming up in a few days, I start back what would be the equivalent of my third semester of my program. I’m full time again but this time, I found a graduate assistantship right before Christmas I cannot be more excited about. And I just took a risk and submitted an abstract to a graduate conference up at UMD College Park. Will I get in? Who knows the important fact is that I did it and the timing could not work out better. The first full week in March, which is my Spring Break, I am going up to Alexandria and doing the tourist thing in Washington D.C. Originally I was only going to be up there for a few days but the conference, if I get accepted is two days later and thirty minutes away into Maryland.

None of this would have been put into perspective if it weren’t for busting my knee, things would have been made so apparent. 2018 truly needs to e the year I get everything to get, shed those bad habits I’ve developed over the years and move forwards.

P.S. Writing. Always. Keep. Writing. I will write everyday, even if it is a note.


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