Where Things Stand

I have neglected this blog since last year. I got caught up in graduate school, trying to recover from my knee injury, and trying to find a new job at the beginning of this year. It left almost no time to function as a human being. But the good news is that I did really well this past year in my studies, I found a part-time job to hold me over while I am finishing up my degree over the course of the rest of year, and my knee, while it still has some ways to go, overall is still shaky. But summer is here. I am not in class but studying for my oral exams in the fall. I have free time again so I can read and actually catch up on my writing again. I might attempt the Camp NaNoWriMo writing challenge in July with all this free time.  Memorial Day is Monday is they are calling for rain Monday. The weekend still looks nice and I really want to try and get into the water with smushy surf Sunday morning, or at least try.

One of the most plaguing and prevalent things still hs to do the knee. I know, that infernal blasted thing that I did back on July 31st. It hasn’t even been a full year and I caved to schedule another orthopedic appointment on Tuesday. Overall, my surgeon was great and the physical therapy people were too but at some point, I started favoring my right leg as my stronger leg over my left. It could have been when I started walking again but it never went away. As a result, after a few months, I am beginning to experience new pain in my right ankle (which coincidently also has six screws in a plate from a fracture back in February 2014). I’ve experienced the rare occasional pain in my ankle but nothing as constant as I have the past few months. Hopefully, it is nothing serious and nothing some more physical therapy won’t remedy.

The apartment pool just opened up yesterday and I am going to try my luck in the water with a set of fins and see how everything reacts. I have not been in the water since I broke it last year. If all goes well, especially with really smushy waves predicted by Surfline tomorrow, I might try my luck at Sandbridge tomorrow. Anyways, the goals for the summer are:

  1. Study for oral exams in the fall
  2. Getting back out in the water and bodysurfing
  3. Figuring out what is wrong with my knee and working on it.
  4. Tacking July’s Camp NaNoWriMo
  5. Updating this damn blog of mine.

I’m back and I am going to try and stick around this time.

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