Patience Is Key

I am not a patient person by nature. I try to be but my anxiety and desire to see the result of everything immediately backfires and perpetuates my anxiety. But when I make those odd goals, I surprise myself every single time.

Let’s go back to the struggle of that infernal left knee of mine. I finally went out about two weeks ago to bodysurf (the first time since my knee breaking) and again late this morning since the break. Waves were meh today. My physical ability is bah/let’s not talk about it. The hardest parts are getting past the breaks but I managed to get a sliver of time in and those precious minutes made me surprise even myself.

When I broke my left knee in July last year, I had myself convinced it would heal up in no time and I could try and catch a wave by November. This was not the case. I was still in physical therapy for the knee and this lasted through the end of 2017. Flash forward. I let my knee deteriorate with my new desk job and all that work has gone to waste and the arteritis the doctor warned about is already making itself known with the latest x-ray. I’m back in PT in order to strengthen the joints itself and get past that mental block that has developed since that knee break.

Discovering bodysurfing helped me get over my fear of the ocean and drowning last year. It forced me to make some serious changes to my life and health. I broke my knee on July 31st and received six more screws, a plate, and early onset arthritis in my knee due to my injury and stupidity. That hardware joins the six screws and plate that I have already from a broken ankle all the way back in 2014. Body surfing has been the one thing motivating me to get myself better and get back to where I was because I love the sport so much. There is no pressure. There is no shaming. I am just out there having fun and I want to have as much fun as I can. And bodysurfing continues to motivate me to get past this injury.

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