Montreal Part One

Writing from a different coastline, rather an island in the Saint Lawrence River in a city known as Montreal.

Yesterday marked the beginning of a small little adventre north of the border and the first time flying in over 20 years. Also the first time staying at a hostel which reminds me a lot of my dorm experience at college and the bunk reminds me of the summer camp frorm my childhood.I speak only a few words of French. I try to apolgize every other sentence for this. I met up with some people and we explored the Village borough of Montreal, rode the Montreal metro, got yelled at lady in French becaue I brought the wrong card and I could not understand her. Overall, a very interesting first night.

However, as it is with most places, I always seem off in the beginning.I had nerves last night because of the language barrier. I always feel like I don’t belong but in hindsight, this is how I normally feel with any situation that I experience. This trip to Montreal is no exception if not more so but at the same time this expperience has so much more to it.

I have always wanted to travel. I enjoy driving to Washington D.C. and exploring the Outer Banks. Driving to Greensboro, North Carolina or riding the Washington Metro to College Park. I do enjoy exploring but being so far removed from my element is trying.

There is still so much that I get to do. I am not leaving until Monday. Today is exploring the city. Tomorrow is Montreal Comic Con. Sunday more exploring. Monday back to Virginia. Tuesday back to reality. Going to try and make the most of it.

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