I Need a Zen Vacation

Surfline is saying that Sandbridge will have a slight, super small swell Friday morning and the best time to go out will be during low tide and fortunately for me, low tide is around 7 a.m. I’m taking it as an invitation. It’s been too long since I have been out in the water. The sun has been rising around 6:20 lately. I just have to pack my Slyde handboard, put KT tape on my bad knee, throw in the essentials, and charge my GoPro session. I need to see a sunrise. It’s been so long.

Watching a sunrise on the Atlantic is one of my most favorite things. Like the top three favorite things to do. Scratch that. It is my favorite thing to do. I always feel at peace and I actually let myself relax like nothing can bother me at that moment. The last time I was in the water during a sunrise was bodyboarding about three years ago. The photo above was taken with one of those little disposable waterproof cameras. I spent the entire roll and while I felt a wave of nostalgia amongst the decent surf that morning, I got, what I consider, my best photograph. I have another one of those disposable cameras I am taking out with my handboard and Go Pro. I also got a super cheap hammock I want to put up under the pier to test for the fall when the waves pick up and the water is warm enough.

Friday morning is a morning to recharge. Sunrise. Photography. Dozing listening to the waves. And hopefully, catching a good stray wave.

I need a zen vacation.

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