Spooky Empire @ Orlando, FL

Before I begin, I am a fan of The X-Files. Just putting that out there.

It just sort of happened is what I told myself. Right after the Montreal Comic Con, the X-Files fandom was all a buzz about the Spooky Empire Convention in Orlando, Florida where David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were slated to be starring names. I wrestled for a couple months about going, eventually deciding to go. I found myself a couple of roommates for the hotel room, booked my tickets and flew down there last Thursday.

Against the backdrop of whatever endless homework assignments and grad school, I managed to have the blast of a lifetime. I got to meet almost the full cast of the show, get pictures taken with all of them including the front runners David and Gillian. It was so weird seeing the faces of on the television in real life when the actors playing them become a real concept instead of some metaphysical notion. But I met so many wonderful people and other fans and made so many new friends. I would do nothing to change this weekend except, if given the opportunity, I would do it all again.

This weekend was supposed to be a break with very little homework and a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I had to drag my huge Shakespeare textbook to work on a midterm among other things. I didn’t really sleep much but the fun and experience I had was worth creating a life time of memories.

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