Next Leg of the Journey

2019. Another new year. Another 52 week. Another 365 days.

I begin 2019 up in Northern Virginia. New Years day, I made the five hour drive up here from Tidewater. I’m stayed in Arlington for the night before moving over towards Alexandria. I had a funeral for my grandparents to Arlington National Cemetery and I’m not rushing back right away. The service was very beautiful and I should expect nothing but the best for them. It was hard because I also came to the realization that I another chapter in my life had ended.

I look back at 2018 as I came out of my rehab for my knee, my first full semester of graduate school since 2010, and a new part-time job. I am still trying to figure out the subisitue teaching and adjunct route. As 2018 comes to an end, I’ve got a new degree. In my vanity I want to add M.A. to everything after my name. Kelly: I have both a bachelors and masters in English even though I can’t spell worth a damn. But I have my masters after all the long years.

Most of my family traveled back to their homes right after the funeral and I wasn’t ready to make that four hour car drive back. I had asked one of my oldest friends to come to the funeral with me (for which I am very grateful for) and then we hung out that evening after all the services had been concluded. Today, I’m spending the afternoon in my favorite haunt, Old Town Alexandria, waiting to meet up with a friend for dinner who is driving from Maryland. The few days of 2019 were a whirlwind and a major shift to how I spend the beginning of each new year. I haven’t even had time to figure out resolutions for 2019.

I don’t go crazy with them and I learned over the years not to make it specific or else becomes like self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. One I knew off the bat is to drastically cut down on my drinking, lose all the weight I put on last year, and just get healthier again. It is getting to the point I know I need to do something and I need to keep myself motivated and remind myself it took me years to get to this point and that change will not come overnight without consistency. Beyond that, I don’t know. I feel like I have ignored so much in trying to pursue my degree…well being, happiness, and what not. My one resolution is just to take better care of myself.

I did do some amazing things this year with traveling to Montreal and down to Orlando to attend those sci-fi conventions. I made friends from all over by meeting other X-Files fans through the Internet. If I have the financial means and I’m in a place where I can travel, I want to try. I know of some people going to London later this year and while I may not be able to join them, maybe I can do something more beyond the Outer Banks and DMV area. I have always wanted to go to New Orleans and experience that city.

Another thing I did this year was write. While I did not write as much as I wanted in the fall, I have time again. I don’t know what I will write but it was an outlet of self expression for me.

Here’s to a new year.

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