Find Me Around the Internet

Social Media:
Twitter -I have had this since 2010. Rambling for the most part and every now and then something useful and what I find favorite. Also, I’ll post links to my recent creative efforts.

Instagram – Pretty self explanatory. See my pictures with bodyboarding, my cats, and whatever floats my boat.

Facebook – Public Facebook page I created a while ago. Like my page and stay up to date on my writing and photography efforts. I’ve been terrible at updating lately but it never hurts to like it.

My Photography – See an image you like I use with my posts? A vast majority of it is my own photography and I have a place where you can buy prints.

Writing: – Where I have been putting my fiction online lately. I published a short story as well. – An up and coming blog/news site. I’ve written a couple of things.

Sweek – A new writing web site I just discovered. I haven’t published much yet and I’m still trying to figure out.